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After many years of agency work, I decided I wanted to return to my original roots as a photographer. As a teenager, I learned the fundamentals of photography from my uncle who had just returned from WWII.


My formal education was at the University of Notre Dame and shortly after graduation, I was drafted into the army where I received my second round of education. At the Signal Corps Training School in Ft. Monmouth, NJ, I studied photography and lab essentials. I was then sent to Germany and assigned to a satellite unit of the 7th Army where I did photography work and ran a photo-finishing lab at night. 


Upon returning from the Army, I began a 40 year film production career at SSC&B/Lintas Worldwide where I was a Senior Vice President/Executive Producer until I retired. 


Contact information


Nick Pellegrino/Andréa Pellegrino

Nick Pellegrino Photography


Address: 75 Magnolia Way, North Haledon, NJ 07508


A larger portfolio of my work can be found on Flickr.



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